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A 26-year-old pimp convicted and sentenced to 100 years in the brutal beating of a prostitute and another man is now suing Nike, claiming the shoe company is partially responsible since the Jordans he used to stomp the victims did not come with a warning label, The Oregonian reports. From NBC: [Sirgiorgio Sanford] Clardy wrote a three-page complaint against Nike from the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution where he is incarcerated, reported The Oregonian. In the claim he said Nike “failed to warn of risk or to provide an adequate warning or instruction,” by not cautioning that their shoes are “potentially dangerous.” In June, Clardy repeatedly stomped on the head of a man with his Nike Air Jordan shoes for refusing to pay his prostitute, who Clardy also injured, USA Today reports. The man — who required stitches and plastic surgery on his nose — was then robbed of all his money, according to The Oregonian. After a two-week trial in which Clardy threatened people and often shouted expletives at the judge, he was declared a dangerous offender unlikely of being rehabilitated, The Oregonian reported.

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