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Date Submitted: 01-02-14

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FLA Women Snitches On Her Lover For Decaptating Her Sex Toys
A Florida woman who had just broken up with her girlfriend called cops to report that her ex had “cut the heads off her three dildo sex toys,” according to a police report. Lakenya Bristol, 32, showed an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office deputy the damaged dildos and pointed the finger at her former girlfriend, 37-year-old Regina Watts. The sex toys apparently were decapitated after Bristol’s mid-November arrest for domestic violence. Bristol told an investigator that her belongings were subsequently packed up by Watts. When a deputy interviewed Watts, she denied knowledge of the damaged dildos. Watts “assumed that the damage occurred after the personal belongings were removed from her custody.” Bristol (left) is pictured in the above booking photo taken after her recent domestic violence collar. Watts (right) is seen in a 2008 mug shot.

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