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Topic: WTF
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Date Submitted: 12-08-13

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Orlando Police Officer Runs Man Over And Drives Off
ORLANDO, Fla. — In April, WFTV found out Orlando Police Officer Michael Fiorentino-Tyburski was under investigation for allegedly hitting a homeless man, and then driving away. In video obtained by WFTV, it shows the man roll over the hood of the patrol car. However, what the video doesn't show is Fiorentino-Tyburski leaving the victim, without calling for help. In January, Tetris Nunn was injured when he was hit by Fiorentino-Tyburski. The iris-camera video from the intersection of Washington Street and Hughey Avenue shows the officer stopping and talking to Nunn, but then leaving without calling 911 to get him treated for his leg injury. Internal Affairs concluded the officer did not break the law by not calling 911 and not doing a report because property damage was less than $500. He was suspended, but is not facing any charges.

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