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A friend of mine asked recently who I thought was the most popular rapper on the planet. Not the best, not who sold the most records, not who has the most songs currently earning spins on the radio. Without hesitation, “Snoop Dogg. Yeah, probably Snoop. Definitely.” The answer comes with its obvious amount of subjectivity. With today marking the half-century anniversary of one of the darkest moments in American history in the President John F. Kennedy assassination, November 23 holds its fair share of significance in pop culture, too. Albeit for totally different reasons. Tomorrow celebrates the 20th anniversary of Calvin Broadus’ groundbreaking debut, Doggystyle. As the sequel of two albums which muscled Death Row Records in to arguably the most feared American business venture of the mid-1990s – the first being Dr. Dre’s The Chronic – Snoop’s masterpiece is everything it has and will be described as in the coming days. The linchpin that became the face of “gangster rap.” The album that became one of the leading suspects in the perceived misogyny epidemic in Hip-Hop. Violence, too, as evident in the now immortal Newsweek cover.

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