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Confessions Of A Groupie
As is their tradition, the folks over at r/AskReddit got together late last night to have an altogether bizarre question-and-answer session. It got weird fast. The prompt this time: “Former groupies of Reddit, what was your experience?” What transpired was a disturbingly complete dossier of nearly every electronic dance music star from Diplo to Skrillex. Some stories were just peachy, like pleasant afternoon romp with Harry Styles from One Direction. Other stories were horrifying encounters that will kill your celebrity crush. Most were about as believable as your average gossip rag. Below, we’ve ranked some of the most shocking scenes in terms of believability. DMX friend of a roommate's mother fucked DMX. we got his number from her cell phone but his answering machine message was just him barking for 30 seconds. Believability rating: 10 Derek Jeter My friend's cousin dated Derek Jeter for a while and had keys to his apartment. According to the story she entered one day to find him butt ass naked on his couch watching highlights of himself and bumping his chest with his fist saying "YEAH JEETS, YEAH JEETS".

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