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Playstation 4 Owers Upset About Being The Crash Test Dummies For The New System, SMH
There are a lot of very unhappy PS4 owners right now, as reports of bricked consoles and no available replacements come in from all over the web. After months of teasers, garnering a never-ending army of fans eager to stand up for their chosen console, the Sony PlayStation 4 is here. Many sat out for hours, waiting for stores to open, while others sat by the front door waiting for the delivery truck. Users from all over the world fired up their consoles, selected their first next-gen title, and sat in confusion as the console responded by shutting down and never turning back on. PS4′s appear to be bricking left and right, with the worst possible news about the prospect of a replacement unit. There are currently several issues that appear to be plaguing early PS4 owners. The most common appears to be a blue pulsing light, signaling that the console is failing to boot all the way. Gamers users have found ways to resolve this issue by checking the cables, but most have found their console bricked entirely with no way to resolve this issue. This pulsing light occurs at random times as well. Others found the issue out of the box, where others found the issue after hours of gameplay that was otherwise uninterrupted and flawless. Calling Sony support with this issue will result in some brief technical support attempts followed by instructions to wait for a return box for a replacement unit.

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