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If you thought a Jesus impersonator and bedazzled face masks were the only jaw-dropping stunts Kanye West had up his sleeve for the "Yeezus" tour, then think again. In fact, the fashion-obsessed rapper is taking his controversial antics to a whole new level by selling confederate flag emblazoned t-shirts. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS That's right, the historically racist symbol is all over Kanye's concert merchandise. Hip-Hop Wired captured a few images of the goods, which were designed by the artist Wes Lang, on Saturday during the first stop of the tour in Seattle. One of the tees shows a confederate flag with a skull and reads "I Ain't Comin' Down," while another one has a skeleton figure draped in a confederate flag holding a scythe. Other designs depict skeletons wearing Indian headdresses with the caption "God Wants You" and then there are tote bags with just the confederate flag by itself.

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