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Here’s a question: Are rappers rapping about being verified on Twitter? As it turns out, a number have, both in the positive (verified) and the negative (not verified). And, it also turns out, I am way, way behind. The lyrics, as you might have already guessed, are fucking incredible. It’s fun to see Twitter become culturally relevant enough that status on the service is something worth boasting about. If you have any other examples, the comments are yours. To the songs! KID SLIM: GO! Still ain’t verified on Twitter, started from the bottom still here [Source] In this lyric, Kid Slim points out that he is not verified on Twitter, and that unlike Drake who started from the bottom to reach “here,” he remains low on the status totem. SLAUGHTERHOUSE: FUNKMASTER FLEX FREESTYLE Your minds on bitter your vibes on Twitter / Check my file my resume is verified on Twitter [Source] Royce Da 5’9 in this case isn’t impressed that you are whining on Twitter, and would like to point out that his resume is verified by Twitter. That entire Funkmaster Flex session, by the way, is really worth listening to. Crooked I nails his first verse. JOELL ORTIZ: IRON ON YOU (EXODUS 23:1 REMIX) Ya’ll verified on Twitter, I’m verified by real n*****S / Ain’t they don’t hashtag, they toe tag / Have me send a DM to ya folks pad [Source] Joell is a member of Slaughterhouse, a rap supergroup that apparently has a thing for Twitter. The irony here is that Joell is actually verified on Twitter, so, there’s that. FAT TREL: ZONIN When are you gon’ realize? / That Fat Trel certified, that’s why my Twitter verified [Source] The irony? Fat Trel isn’t verified. SHAWN CHRYSTOPHER: PROM SHIT Cause my idol’s going up and verified on Twitter [Source]

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