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Chamillionaire - Some Things Never Change (AUDIO)
LYRICS: Never change it'll never change/ But one thing I know about the game is it'll never change/ (Verse 1) Ugh Koopa H town trill figga made my name from selling right/ Cuz most of these boys just selling out/ The rest of these boys just selling hype/ Naw get it right they hype beastin' to get accepted/ I don't really see no reason for impressing people that aint impressive/ Still too legit if you base your worth off who ya with. I hope you get your whole crew or clique to stand on a cliff and go do a flip/ I could never become diluted in a couple minutes I'm gonna prove it/ H Town's undisputed/but.... Cant you see that I'm coming down can't you see me reclinin'/ Independent still moving more than these fraudulents that they signing/ Never question my hustle hater you can question my timing/ but I'll forever be hard to budge like them Houston Texan front lineman/ (Hook) Something's never change/ something's never change/ Cuz game is full is still of lames/ The game still full of games/ Something's never change/ Something's never change/ Get some change then they start acting strange/ Then they start acting so strange Some things never change/ Never change/ Never change it'll never change / Never change/ Somethings never change/ Some things never change/ but one thing I know about the game it's probably never gonna change/ Comin down/ coming down/ Oh Oh oh it won't/ Comin' down/ comin' down/ Oh oh oh it won't change/ (Verse 2) Look how well I represent/ They can talk down I let em vent/ These boys living in my house/ it's just temporary I let em rent/ Don't get too comfortable until I want you to/ Don't think about dropping something new/ Ill have you thought was hungrier eating lunchables for a month or two/ Just have plan b to comfort you/ You got it hey way to go/

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