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DETROIT - Cleveland Dunklin III is devastated by the cold-blooded shooting death death of his 23-year-old son Cleveland Dunklin IV Monday night on the side of the road on which he grew up. The man had hollered at a car speeding by because there were children around. "Senseless. My boy didn't bother nobody," he said. "They had words and he went and changed cars and came back and killed my boy." A makeshift memorial of a wooden cross, balloons and candles sit outside the Braile Street home, marking the spot where he died. The family says Dunklin IV had a job working in demolition. He was a happy homebody who looked out for his friends and family. It's that sense of trying to protect those close to him that cost him his life. His sister, Shahara Horton, says her family is still trying to grasp the cruelty. "My two kids, all they talk about is my uncle D-house. My uncle D. That's the killer part," she said.

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