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Gucci Mane Goes Back To Jail Can't Start Twitter Beef For 6 Months
Gucci Mane is going to be spending six months locked up because of his probation violations. Gucci Mane confessed on his Twitter account that his addiction to lean was the reason behind his recent erratic behavior. The rapper even said he'd be checking into a rehab facility-- but will that be before or after he checks into jail? During GuWop's string of strange antics, he was arrested for having a firearm and weed in his possession. Court documents indicate that the rapper was charged with firearm possession by a convicted felon, disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon and marijuana possession. Since the Atlanta native was already on probation, these charges are considered probation violations. For that, Gucci will be returning to a familiar location, prison, for a six-month sentence.

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