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Topic: WTF
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Date Submitted: 09-28-13

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Chinese Man Starts Growing Nose On His Forehead
A man in China has a nose growing from the left side of his forehead – that is not a misprint. What makes the story even stranger is the fact that the nose will be used in a transplant to replace his currently damaged nose. Reuters reported on the 22-year-old man identified only as Xiaolian, who will be undergoing surgery to replace his original nose, which was damaged in a car accident last year. Because he didn't get medical attention on the nose, it became infected and therefore inoperable by surgeons. Using an innovative procedure, doctors reconstructed his nose using skin tissue expander along with cartilage from his ribs, and has been growing from his forehead for the past nine months.

See Full Story @ ...Chinese Man Starts Growing Nose On His Forehead

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