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Ball boy at the time, Michael Russek, got the sneakers autographed by Michael Jordan himself and told Ball Don't Lie that keeping the sneakers stowed wasn't appealing to him anymore. Here's what Ball Don't Lie had to say about Russek finally deciding to put the sneakers on sale, "We were approached by the ball boy because of our affiliation with the Basketball Hall of Fame." “He never looked to sell them before now. I think he recently realized that he was getting a little older and was more curious than anything to see if people still cared about the story.” “He wants someone else to have them who can display them better, as they’ve sat in a safety deposit box for the last 15-plus years.” “Mainly, he wants Jordan fans to hear the story and know they are out there and how they were obtained.” The sneakers will conclude on December 11 and bidding starts November 18. Sneakerheads, sneaker collectors, Jordan fans, the time is now. You can go here to bid.

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