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Murda Mook Speaks On Not Getting The Cassidy Battle And Possibly Battling Drake

Cassidy Accepts Meek Mills Battle For 100,000
Meek Mill recently challenged Cassidy or Murda Mook to a $100,000 rap battle in Episode 9 of his video blog where he spoke on the battling scene in hip hop. “I’m a leader. I don’t follow people. We have a lane to take this to another level where a whole ‘nother money circuit could open up. I’m a leader. I’m willing to take the leadership and when I take that leadership, don’t be mad when I’m the only one getting that leader money and you might be battling for a little 40 or 50 grand because I’m the one that took the chance to open the door. You gotta have a hundred thousand or better. I can’t do it for free. That ain’t my lane. Win, lose or draw, just for even stepping on the court. Just to step in. FULL STORY @ www.rapdoes.com

See Full Story @ ...Cassidy Accepts Meek Mills Battle For 100,000

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