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Date Submitted: 09-15-13

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SEPTEMBER 12--Incensed that his girlfriend and her female cousin continued having sex without him after he “finished” during a threesome, a South Carolina man allegedly assaulted his live-in companion at their Myrtle Beach home, police allege. According to a police report, the 31-year-old victim and her cousin awoke Sunday morning around 8 AM and “decided to have a ‘threesome’ and then proceeded to have sex with each other” and Terry Antone Jenkins. The victim told Horry County Sheriff’s Office deputies that “once the suspect [Jenkins] had finished, she and the witness continued having oral sex with each other.” Which apparently angered the 25-year-old Jenkins, who is pictured in the above mug shot. The women told investigators that their ménage à deux angered Jenkins, who entered the bedroom and dragged his girlfriend off the bed by her hair. He then allegedly “struck her several times on the head and face” and kicked her in the stomach. When questioned by a deputy, Jenkins denied striking his girlfriend, claiming that he had only “become verbal with them due to their continuing to have sex without him.”

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