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This is Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes reporting on the events that transpired at the Smack/URL Summer Madness 3 event during the Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones battle. Last night, September 8th, Stage 48 was packed with fans eager to watch the most anticipated Battle Rap event to take place in the United States for 2013, Smack/URL's Summer Madness 3. At 2pm the line stretched all the way up the avenue on 48th street between 11th and 12th avenue, and around the corner covering the next block entirely. It took a while for the actual show to begin, as Smack and his associates first put on a screening of the never-before-seen battle between Yung Ill vs Conceited for lucky fans who purchased special tickets granting them access to see the exclusive battle. Hours went by as VladTV and other media outlets of all kinds gathered photographs and video interviews with various battlers on the card. I personally interviewed both Swave Sevah and Daylyt, among many others, who were fully prepared to bar each other to lyrical death, but sadly the battle never got to take place. The first battle between Arsonal vs K-Shine didn't kick off until around 7:30pm, but it was a very entertaining bout nonetheless. The crowd hated on Arsonal heavily after the first round and made it hard for him to spit his verses, but they both put on for the crowd, and despite getting physical with each other during the battle, they managed to keep things professional. The next battle to follow was Big T vs O-Red, which was one of the best battles of the night as both came loaded with great lyrical material. Next up was the QOTR & Smack/URL battle between Jaz The Rapper vs Ms. Hustle. Despite an insane amount of technical issues with microphones, which delayed the battle for a long time, both ladies came solid despite Hustle getting off to a rocky start, and arguably had one of the best battles of the night as well. After this was a fairly random intermission that lasted a bit too long, with various battlers on stage trying to entertain the crowd, and the return of Reed Dollaz was eventually announced. After all of the side matters had concluded, the event carried on with Calicoe vs T-Rex, which was a truly great and classic battle and a great return for Calicoe. The crowd gave him unnecessary problems in the third round, but he did his thing and so did Rex. Following that battle was Tay Roc vs Ill Will, which in my opinion might've been the best battle of the night. It was extremely entertaining on both ends and filled with bars and hard-hitting punchlines from both sides. After this battle finished up it was already close to 1 am, and the crowd was growing tired and restless, yet there were still three battles left to go on the card; However, only one got to see the first round. Next up: Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones.

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