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You Think The Person Texting You Back Is Lying? Your Probaly Right!
Ever get nervous when someone takes a long time to text you back? Trust your gut. A new Brigham Young University study has found that when people lie, it may take them longer to compose digital messages. Their messages also might be shorter than usual. "We are starting to identify signs given off by individuals that aren't easily tracked by humans," study co-author Dr. Tom Meservy, BYU professor of information systems, said in a written statement. "The potential is that chat-based systems could be created to track deception in real-time." Apparently, humans aren't the greatest lie detectors. According to the researchers, we only catch people fibbing about 54 percent of the time -- that's slightly above chance. It's even harder to detect deception when there's no face-to-face interaction involved, and according to a previous study, people are more likely to lie when they text.

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