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Date Submitted: 07-02-13

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HAWTHORNE, CA (PIX11) - A video that would break any dog owner’s heart was posted online Sunday; it appears to show an officer from the Hawthorne Police Department shooting a bystander’s dog during a SWAT operation. It took place in Hawthorne, California, and was posted to YouTube on June 30th. A man was walking his dog when he decided to take pictures and video with his cell phone of a Hawthorne police operation. SWAT team officers begin watching the man, Leon Rosby, who appears to yell “civil rights violation” after a brief verbal exchange. Rosby’s attorney, Michael Gulden, claims police arrested his client because he was obstructing police by standing near the barricade. Rosby can be seen bringing the dog back to the car and putting it inside. The police start to walk toward Rosby and handcuff him without incident. Once he is handcuffed you can hear the dog barking with his head out of the window of the car. A few moments go by and the dog leaps out of the car as the police turn to look at the Rottweiler running at them. The dog stops for a moment and then one of the officers seems to make a gesture toward the Rottweiler. The animal jumps up at his arm in an attempt to bite him.

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