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I know you’re looking at the word “mixtape” with the screw face like “Mixtape, why the FUCK would Hov do that?” Let me ask you, “Why the FUCK not?” What in the bloody blue hell does Blue Ivy’s Uno Partner have to lose? You’re telling me it wouldn’t be fun to hear this man over some of today’s toughest club records? “Mercy?” Telling me you wouldn’t want a freebie on “Mercy?” You’re BUGGING. I get it, “let’s move these old guys outta here.” Trust me I understand that Hov is at the age he doesn’t need to be rapping. But by the venom on “Open Letter” and the SLIGHT aggression on “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, homey still has some fight left. There’s some eChatter that Shawn is constructing an ALBUM for a July 4th release, but other eChatter has suggested it is indeed a mixtape that’s being created in whatever Batcave studio he’s created under the Atlantic Ocean (like he doesn’t have money to do so). Personally, I couldn’t give a shit if it were an album or mixtape because a new body of work from Hov is always appreciated. But as we all know, a mixtape gives you A LOT of breathing room for creative exercise when it comes to production and collaborations. And seeing how ALL these “studio” pics have been randomly popping up over the past two months or so, it’s safe to say SOMETHING is being created. What pics you ask? This one. That one. Can’t forget this one. Oh and DEFINITELY this one. Lord only knows what other photos Lenny S has in that expensive camera of his, but I’m sure they’re more telling as to what Jay’s working on. Anywho, I’ve listed five of MY reasons why it would be “Pretty Awesome” if Jay was working on a mixtape. Check em, below! 1.) Unexpected Collaborations: It probably through a bunch of people off when that Raekwon photo opp popped up a couple weeks back. And not in a sense that neither party is a fan of the other, but to the degree of “Wow, they’re actually making music together?” I’m sure I speak for ALL on this but to hear THESE two go back and forth over a DIRTY ass soundscape submitted by some newbie could be worth listening to, no? Maybe Hov’s got a list of collaborations he’s eyeing but doesn’t really know how they would fit or be placed on an upcoming OFFICIAL LP release? A mixtape playground is somewhat the area for that. Who knows. 2.) Tour Material: A close friend of mine hinted that the reason for making this “mixtape” was for more tour material. I’m not going to say Hov’s set list is boring, BUT it’s a bit predictable. And while I understand we all yearn for new shit, when it comes to certain things, I’m just not a fan of change lol. But I do get it. My worry in regards to THIS is: How fast will his absurdly large fan base get acquainted with the material? If this project comes out on the 4th and The Legends Of Summer Tour starts on the 19th? Maybe this isn’t such a pretty awesome reason lol.

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