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The Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the police have received complaints from an Australian woman who says she was verbally abused by US rapper Tyler the Creator at a Sydney show. Police are investigating claims that Tyler unleashed an expletive-laden tirade on 24-year-old feminist campaigner Talitha Stone at Newtown's Enmore Theatre on Thursday night. Ms Stone says the rapper pointed her out and incited abuse against her during the all-ages gig. "Shortly into the show, that's when Tyler for the first time called me out to the crowd saying, 'I hope this b**** hears me, call her a b****'," she said. "Later on in the night he did that again and then referred to one of my children to have messed-up STDs." Campaign to stop Tyler's national tour Ms Stone is a member of the feminist group Collective Shout, which posted a video of the incident on YouTube.

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