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Arranging a menage a trois with a man you met in prison is arguably not the smartest way to spend a Friday night. For one North Dakota man, a tryst involving a former inmate and a female friend ended with a trip to the emergency room after his bedfellow stabbed him for refusing to switch positions Ashley Hunter, 33, pictured above has been charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly stabbingOrlando Dewitt, 37, in the arm during the kinky encounter on Friday, February 8. Hunter had invited a group of people, including Dewitt and three women, to his home in Fargo for the evening. After a drinking session at a local bar, the group returned to Hunter’s home, whereupon Hunter joined Dewitt and one of the women in a sexual act. News sources report that when Hunter asked Dewitt to switch positions, Dewitt refused and an argument broke out. Hunter then reached into the couch and pulled out a weapon, described by Dewitt as a 12-inch long butcher’s knife. The woman and Dewitt ran to the bathroom to escape from Hunter, who began banging on the door and telling them to get out of his house.

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