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Topic: Who Would Of Thought
Submitted By: 1boss
Date Submitted: 06-05-13

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Does Dipset Still Have Beef In Pittsburgh?
Remember way back when…I brought the world and artist by the name of Wiz Khalifa. As history would tell it, I gave Wiz to the world because of another reason. Jim Jones had some serious beef out there. It was then that Wiz’s people hit me like, “Yo! Why are you putting all this negative stuff on the internet about our city? Here is something positive for you to report on, a young rapper named Wiz Khalifa.” I reported on him and the rest is history! Anyway, it seems like there is still some issues with Dipset and Pittsburgh. I heard they had some serious issues with a recent Hell Rell show. Here is the intel I got. Yo word on the streets is Pittsburgh ni***z want Hell Rell’s head! Dip Set ain’t allowed there. Them Larmier Ave ni***z aka LA Hoods ran Jim Jones and the Set up out of there a few years ago!

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