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Topic: Who Would Of Thought
Submitted By: 1boss
Date Submitted: 06-01-13

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Who’s owns hip hop, is that even a valid question? For years or decades it seems that New York radio and artist have spent a lot of time trying to bully and tell everybody else what hip hop is and should be, but seemingly gets tuned out by the rest of the country and corporate interest. You would think this argument is no longer valid since hip hop lost its roots and soul many years ago, but as it appears today people still get extremely emotional about the matter all the time.
Hip hop is in a very unique place compared to all other genres of music being the youngest of all genres but still far from its infancy the golden years of rap still haunts and try’s to limit the growth of what hip hop is and has become.
There was a time that parents hated when there kids put there hats on backwards, wore baggy pants, and listened to loud music ( lots and lots of loud music, filled with curse words, style, swag, and finesse).
Today listening to an interview between Houston Rapper Riff Raff and Hot 97’s Ebro was great reminder of what the game has become. Riff Raff has the right to dress and talk however he chooses which is exactly what makes him hip hop but Ebro seems to feel indifferent about the whole idea, which is what made the entire interview cringe worthy IMO. Even if Riff Raff is going thru a phase, that all people go thru at some point in their life, it still doesn’t make it wrong. There was a time when the parents of the 70tys and 80tys babies went thru the same thing when there kids fell in love with this thing called hip hop. What took place in the interview reminded of the days that VH1, MTV, The Grammy’s and all the other music outlets would just refuse to play our music, accept our style, and respect the culture, and to think that Hot 97 the place where hip hop (supposedly) lives has turned into what MTV and VH1 was is far beyond hypocrisy and just demonstrates how phoney fake and confused the hip hop game is. I’m in no way defending Riff Raff but I will defend Hip Hop as a whole and his right to be a part of it weather it appears that he is mocking the culture or not. Let the people sort it out and stop trying to be the hip hop police. Not following and obeying people’s orders has always been part of our spirit. Hot 97 has even gone as far as banning him from appearing at Hot 97s Summer Jam which all in itselfs is similar to when rappers only won Grammy’s during the commercial breaks so nobody would see they ass on TV.
I hate to say it but hot 97 has just lost all it’s credibility in my book. I have slowly been migrating over to power 105 anyway but this is just the nail in the coffin instead of letting the people decide what’s hot they took it upon there selves and just jumped into the hater box and made the decision for them.
Ebro if you reading this telling you to Eat a dick is alot nicer than what I really want to say you the reverse racism play that you displayed with that stunt is no better than that bullshit Bill O’Reilly pulls on Fox News daily when it comes to people of color, and to Riff Raff I’m not a fan of your music but I wish you the best of luck and don’t let no suckers at radio stop stop you from doing whatever it is you trying to do. Its greater later they may talk shit to you now but if you ended up being part of one of hot 97s favorite clicks aka Young Money or MMG the Funk Master Flex ass kissing would be happen almost over night.. On that note 1 time for me to take a smoke break.


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