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Date Submitted: 06-01-13

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Smoking Alcohol Vapors? Where They Do That At?
Paramedics are warning about the dangers of "smoking" alcohol, a phenomenon that’s been gaining steam online. YouTube videos showing college-age men in the U.S. vaporizing alcohol (by pouring it over dry ice or using a bike pump to create a mist through air pressure, for example) and then inhaling it have been spreading. The practice is also being touted as a way to reduce the number of calories you take in during a night out. Using a bicycle pump is one way to vaporize alcohol. (YouTube) JP Trottier with the Ottawa Paramedic Service called the approach dangerous, because the vapours bypass the liver and go straight to the lungs and brain. "It goes right into your blood system immediately, there's a far greater risk of getting alcohol poisoning versus the stomach," he said. "It will sit [in the stomach] for a little bit, your body has a chance to detect it and make you vomit."

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