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Costco Employee Gets Shot And Killed By Paranoid Cop For Carrying Knife
A Virginia woman hired to hand out pizza samples at Costco was fatally shot yesterday by a sheriff’s deputy after she began acting strangely and brandishing a knife in the store. According to the Washington Post, the 38-year-old woman — an employee of Club Distribution Services, a third-party company contracted by Costco to hand out food samples — began acting erratically toward the end of her Wednesday afternoon shift. The store manager tells the Post the woman was overly concerned about the number of servings per pizza box and that she was saying “crazy things.” “She was frightening her supervisor,” recalls the manager, who says the sample-server grabbed a knife from a second sample station and began making “strange movements.” Two deputies from the Loudon County Sheriff’s Dept. arrived around 3 p.m. and found the woman in the back of the store with the knife and possibly a pair of scissors in her hands. Police say she ignored requests to drop the weapon. “Preliminary indications are that she came at the deputies with a knife,” says Loudon County Sheriff Michael Chapman.

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