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Cop Beats Up Man While Calling Him A Fag (Hate Crime) Gets Fired Then Gets Job Back
A Miami Beach cop fired for his alleged role in a brutal physical and verbal attack of two gay men will not only get his job back, he may also receive back pay of his six-figure salary -- including possible overtime wages lost and pensionable credit. In March 2009, Eliut Hazzi and another officer were spotted allegedly beating up a man lying on the ground in South Beach's Flamingo Park. Dressed in plain clothes, the cops reportedly tackled the man, punched him repeatedly in the head, and kicked his head "like a football." Tourist Harold Strickland watched the beating and called 911 to report the attack, not realizing the men were undercover cops. According to Miami Beach Police's intent to discipline form, the two cops saw Strickland on the phone and arrested him for "prowling." Strickland later attested that the officers called him "fag" and "faggot" and added "We're sick of all the fucking fags in the neighborhood." Hazzi was fired in 2011 and Strickland received a $75,000 settlement.

See Full Story @ ...Cop Beats Up Man While Calling Him A Fag (Hate Crime) Gets Fired Then Gets Job Back

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