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In less than 24 hours, Nicki Minaj accepted an invitation from Hot 97's program director Ebro Darden to swing by the morning show. After pulling out of her headlining Summer Jam gig last year due to on-air personality Peter Rosenberg's comments about her music ("We about that real hip-hop, not 'Starships.'"), Minaj came through in peace. "I don't give a rat's ass if people don't like 'Starships,'" Nicki said, adding that although she was born-and-bred in Queens, she listened to Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. She then said that she will return to her debut album mentality of straight spitting and "kill, kill everything" for her third album. Once the truce was made, Nicki Minaj discussed fulfilling her dream of becoming an actress for the upcoming flick The Other Woman and working alongside Cameron Diaz. "She'll talk to me like a regular person," Nick said of her blonde co-star.

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