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Bronx-born rapper Tim Dog has been accused of faking his own death in February. A Mississippi prosecutor alleges that Dog, born Timothy Blair, is trying to escape paying court-ordered debts of $19,000, and he won’t accept that the rapper is dead until he sees a death certificate. What’s the best way to fake your own death? Tell no one, stay off the grid, and, above all, don’t try to collect the insurance money. Making a clean break is crucial to faking your own death—don’t tell your friends and family about your scheme, and get as far from them as possible. Two of the most famous fakers in recent years were foiled by family members. Debt-laden Englishman John Darwin, who disappeared for five years beginning in 2002, was found after a police investigation into the financial holdings of his wife, who was assisting Darwin. Australian businessman Harry Gordon was living comfortably in his new life until 2005, when he improbably crossed paths with his brother, who encouraged Gordon’s first wife to end the scam. (She, too, knew of her husband’s ruse.) Of course, most of our information about faking death comes from failures, so the best strategies may be unknown.

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