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Date Submitted: 05-15-13

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Bootleg Condoms Hit The Street Wearing It Is Like Wearing Nothing
Along with fake Gucci handbags and fake Apple iPhones, add to the list of counterfeit items produced in China: fake Durex condoms. As China Daily reported Wednesday, police in Fujian province confiscated more than 2 million condoms falsely labeled as Durex, Contex, and Jissbon products, following a March 29 raid. According to police reports cited by the newspaper, the two factory bosses had launched their counterfeit condom business in December. They purchased condoms from a factory in Hebei province and packaging materials from another factory in Guangdong province. Their small staff of workers simply put the condoms in the wrappers—some 20,000 condoms a day—and the items were then sold to small supermarkets and adult shops and through online retailers. The police did not specify whether the condoms seized in the raid were faulty.

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