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Sha Money XL Leaves Def Jam
Yesterday (May 13), it was announced that Michael Clervoix—better known as Sha Money XL—officially left his post as SVP of A&R for Island Def Jam to now become EVP of Urban A&R for Epic Records. Speaking exclusively with XXL recently, Sha touched on the new gig and the reasons behind the move. Here’s what he had to say: XXL: So you’ve officially made the move from Def Jam to Epic Records. This is a new chapter in your career. Sha Money XL: Yeah, I just took this opportunity to help grow and build myself and provide more opportunities for others. This is a good, new position for me. What sparked the decision? Basically, LA Reid is the reason why I got to Def Jam. He’s the one that scouted me out and brought me over there. I’ve had a very successful run at Def Jam, so it was a tough decision but LA Reid really knows who I am and he believes in my talents. So I’m taking my talents down to South Beach. [Laughs]. You got the right coach pulling for you, you know that coach is important. Just where I’m at in my career, I need someone who understands who I am so I can do what I need to do for this music business. Plus that’s got to be comfortable for you too, being as how you two already share a chemistry.

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