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Topic: WTF
Submitted By: 1boss
Date Submitted: 04-16-13

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A pixilated image in Google Maps appears at first glance to show a man in the act of dragging a bloodied corpse down a pier and over the edge, leaving a telltale stain of red behind him. While the coordinates of the map—posted in a Reddit thread by a dumbfounded resident of the affected Netherlands area—is only a few days old, the image seems to be dated from 2009. That wouldn't stop Dutch cops from prosecuting. (There's no statute of limitations for murder.) However, it seems unlikely that the image actually is a body being thrown into the water. If you zoom-in even further on the image, the blur of shapes appear to actually be two people and a dog, and there seems to be people standing around the edge of the water just off to the right. The fact that the "murder" is happening in broad daylight just feet away from a well-trodden footpath makes it a poor choice for a location.

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