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Let’s say you have some valuable things you don’t want to keep in your home, so you take out a safety-deposit box at your neighborhood bank. The bank manager leaves you alone in a transaction room to deposit your items, and you discover that your brand-new box isn’t empty. There’s money in it. $100,000 in cash. That’s what happened to an 81-year-old woman and her boyfriend in Borough Park, Brooklyn, a few months ago. Trying to be honest, they handed the cash over to the manager. If this happened to you, you’d probably tell the story to people afterward, because it’s a good story. The woman did, and her friends and family pointed out to her that the ancient legal principle of “finders, keepers” applies in this case, and the money should be hers. Was that the case? The bank manager wouldn’t say what he had done with the money, and no one at the bank would answer questions about it. Did the evil, greedy bank take it? Did it belong to an extremely small criminal empire? Did the money legally belong to the old lady?

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