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Stacey Dash is making a name for herself in politics, with her fairly surprising political views that's she has expressed publicly time and again. Last year she fully supported Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney during his electoral battle with President Barack Obama by posting a series of tweets and conducting interviews, all endorsing Mitt and the GOP. Many were shocked by her decision to come forward and support Mitt against Obama. Her own son was surprised and not proud of his mother's support for the republican party. However this year, Stacey has turned her attention to a new "controversial" topic - Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba. Dash posted a tweet yesterday, April 9th, that claims Jay and Bey are forming a "communist oppressive regime" due to their recent trip to Cuba. She sent a message out to the general public asking them how they feel about Jay and Bey using the "capital you have given them" to fund their trip. So far her tweet has received nearly a 1,000 retweets and loads of comments, many criticizing her for her jab at Jay and Beyonce.

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