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Date Submitted: 04-03-13

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Rapper Allegedly Calls Cheeseburger Baby Employees "Fag" and "Bitch"
When you run a late-night burger joint on South Beach, you can expect the occasional drunken-celebrity encounter. But Stephanie Vitori, owner of Cheeseburger Baby, tells New Times she's never experienced anything as bad as what Busta Rhymes pulled early this morning. According to Vitori, Busta busted into the restaurant close to 6 a.m. and demanded to cut the line to get his food faster. When the restaurant refused, he threw a tantrum, calling one employee a "fag" and Vitori a "bitch," and later threatening to "come get [them]." No word on whether he threatened to tear da roof off."We have had everyone from Jay-Z to Anthony Bourdain eat at Cheeseburger Baby," Vitori says. "Never have we had a problem with a celebrity. That changed last night."

See Full Story @ ...Rapper Allegedly Calls Cheeseburger Baby Employees "Fag" and "Bitch"

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