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Anyone out there who’s the proud owner of a new BlackBerry Z10, be warned. The BlackBerry Messenger integration will tell all your friends (and family members, if they’re in your BBM contacts) when you’re watching videos on the web. BBM keeps tabs on the BlackBerry media player and it pushes updates when a new track or video gets played. That’s fine as long as you’re relaxing to a little Mumford and Sons or checking out your buddy’s BBM Music shares. In BlackBerry 10, however, videos that you come across while you browse the web also fire up a media player session. That’s where the hilarity — or horror, depending on who receives your BBM updates — begins. Notifying everyone that you’re checking out YouTube? Not a big deal. But when that… er… saucy video starts playing and BBM cheerfully tells your audience that you’re listening to “hotfurries.com?” That’s a lot more likely to have some unwanted repercussions.

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