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Topic: Who Would Of Thought
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Date Submitted: 03-26-13

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25 Things You Didn't Know About Camron
1. He claims that he used to son Rafer Alston and Stephon Marbury on the court. 2. Cam'ron claims he bought his GED for $600 to make his mom happy. 3. When Cam'ron was offered the position of President at Rocafella, he asked for a $500,000 salary, but couldn't get Def Jam to agree. 4. Prior to Dipset's temporary break-up, Jim Jones actually suggested that they break up just to make money from a reunion, but Cam dismissed the idea. 5. Their relationship fell apart when Ma$e asked for $40,000 to appear in the video for "Horse & Carriage." 6. Oh Boy cologne was just an idea for "Oh Boy" video, but when people at the shoot asked about the cologne, Cam decided to try selling it. 7. When Cam'ron got shot, his friend Huddy 6 was riding shotgun with him. 8. Despite his support of the Stop Snitchin' mantra on 60 Minutes, Cam'ron filed a police report after being assaulted in 1999.

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