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Topic: WTF
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Date Submitted: 03-23-13

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Nadege Lanoue still does not know who shot and killed her 21-year-old son two years ago. Lauderhill police do, but they're not saying, because it was one or more of the department's own officers. Lanoue filed suit this week in federal court against the city and the "John Doe" officers for the wrongful death of her son, Cedric Telasco, on March 29, 2011. The suit says Telasco was shot eight times in front of his house. Police officials said they won't release the officers' names or a report of the incident because it is a continuing investigation. "It is hard for us to keep going for sure. Someone losing a son is extremely painful," Lanoue said. "The way they executed him in our front door, with no explanation to us, is impossible to understand." This much is known: Telasco, who had a history of schizophrenia, called 911 after 1:30 a.m, reporting that a man with a knife was standing in his doorway. The description he gave was of himself, and he said police should "just come and do what you have to do." A search warrant filed after the incident said four responding officers discharged their firearms at Telasco, who it said was charging at them with a steak knife, but police have never confirmed the details.

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