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Gucci Mane Wanted By Atlanta Police For Assault At Club Harlem Nights In Atlanta, Arrest Warrant Issued!! -- Atlanta police have issued an arrest warrant for a well-known rapper after a soldier said he was assaulted by him. The soldier told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri he was just looking to get a picture with Gucci Mane when the rapper attacked him. Photos show cuts to the soldier's head after he said Radric Davis, whose stage name is Gucci Mane, hit him with a champagne bottle last Friday night. The soldier, who asked only to be called by his first name, James, told Viteri he asked a security guard in the VIP section of Harlem Nights on Courtland Street in Atlanta, if he could get a photo with the rapper. "I'm in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane, is it OK?" James said he asked the security guard. "I was speaking to the security guard, and Gucci Mane hit me in the head with a bottle."

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