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Topic: Crazy SOBs
Submitted By: 1boss
Date Submitted: 03-21-13

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An escort accused of attacking a man and nearly biting his penis off during a sexual encounter at an Orange County hotel was arrested on an attempted murder charge Tuesday morning. Deputies were called to the Crestwood Suites on University Boulevard after multiple 911 callers "reported screaming and growling sounds from a room on the second floor" of the hotel. They arrived to find the victim "covered in a significant amount of blood, with numerous bite wounds," the report states. He was rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center trauma center. Related 911 call from penis-biting: 'Something is growling out there' Priscilla Vaughn University Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32817, USA The man had "significant" bites to his penis and testicles, the report states, as well as damage to his leg, abdomen, chest and fingers. His alleged attacker, Priscilla Vaughn, "was nude, and had blood around her mouth, which had spread to her face and head," the report states, adding Vaughn "growled and snarled" at deputies. The victim later told deputies his attacker was an escort he'd hired for Monday evening. After dinner, they returned to her hotel room, where they drank alcohol and Vaughn used Ecst

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