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Acevedo was arrested and sentenced to an eight- to 16-year term for manslaughter. He reportedly sought to explain his apparent treachery by saying that some unnamed crime kingpin had kidnapped a relative and threatened to kill his entire family if he did not shoot Martin. Acevedo was released in 1997, only to be arrested 12 days later for robbery. He was returned to prison but was back out in time to get arrested on federal firearms charges. He was sentenced to six years and five months. Meanwhile, the rapper Curtis Jackson adopted the name 50 Cent. The original 50 Cent had died all but destitute; the hospital had returned only his gold teeth, and somebody had apparently cleaned out the safety deposit box at the Dime Savings Bank where he was known to keep bail money. 50 Cent the rapper now pledged to buy the original 50 Cent a suitable headstone. The result was an outsize coin fashioned from Indian red marble and inscribed with a big “50c.” The rapper reportedly failed to make good on his promise, and the tab was picked up by James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, a former jail mate of Martin’s turned music mogul. Henchman has since been convicted of cocaine trafficking and is presently under indictment for allegedly conspiring to murder an associate of 50 Cent the rapper.

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