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Date Submitted: 12-19-14

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Cops Gets Fired Over Bar Fight And Losing His Gun Gets Job Back Because He Said Other Cops Do Worst

A Cleveland police officer fired after a drunken bar fight where he lost his service weapon and badge and didn't tell his supervisors about it for days has returned to the force after a federal arbitrator ruled his firing was excessive.

Daniel Flannery won back his job in part because the head of the union that represents Cleveland police officers argued that there are officers on the force who have done much worse and were not fired.

A Cuyahoga County judge on Dec. 10 denied an appeal from the city fighting the reinstatement of Flannery, 46, in a case that city officials say underscores their struggle to discipline cops who break the rules. Their claim comes in the wake of a highly critical Department of Justice report that found officers are often not held accountable.

"The officers cited in the other cases have committed assaults, domestic violence, theft, felony offenses, untruthfulness, and other violent crimes, and have been allowed to keep their jobs with the city," the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association argued in arbitration hearings.

Specifically, CPPA president Jeffrey Follmer referred to separate cases in which:

one officer pulled his wife out of her car and fired off eight shots into it because he did not want her to get the car in a divorce settlement;
another got drunk and threatened his girlfriend with a shotgun;
another officer shot his gun "in a threatening manner" while intoxicated;
an officer pulled his gun during a drunken wedding fight;
a female officer smeared animal feces on her own apartment walls during a rent dispute, and told her landlord to pick her keys up at the department's gun range;
another officer fled the scene of an accident after he hit a man on a motorcycle.

See Full Story @ ...Cops Gets Fired Over Bar Fight And Losing His Gun Gets Job Back Because He Said Other Cops Do Worst

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