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A teacher at Bartram High School was attacked by a student and suffered a concussion this week after being thrown to the ground in an incident that was captured on video and widely shared on social media.

It was the third such assault in a month at the violence-prone school, which in recent months had made some strides in safety that teachers say seem to be eroding.

This week's incident happened Thursday afternoon, when a student attacked a substitute teacher who had asked him to leave a classroom earlier in the day, Philadelphia School District officials confirmed.

The student waited for the teacher and threw the 68-year-old man to the ground. The student fled, and the school nurse attended to the teacher, who was later taken to a hospital.

In an interview Friday night, the teacher, Pewu Johnson, a Liberian immigrant with deep roots in Philadelphia and its schools, described the attack.

He said he had a run-in with his assailant early in the day when the boy behaved "inappropriately" with a female student, and he ordered him to stop.

Later, during seventh period, the teen found Johnson and angrily tried to block his way.

"He grabbed me, then lifted me up, then dropped me on my back, on the floor. I became unconscious. I wasn't hearing anything. My eyes were closed," Johnson said.

He said he had intense neck pain and was bleeding from his elbow, and ended up spending hours at the hospital.

He isn't sure when he'll be able to return to work, he said, adding that he was still quite sore.

A student standing nearby captured footage of the teacher splayed flat on the floor and posted it on Vine, a video-sharing service.

Students began talking about the incident on Twitter: "Old head got put to sleep in Bartram," one Tweeted. Others chimed in.

"This is a grave concern to us," said Fernando Gallard, a district spokesman. "The student has been suspended. He will be referred for expulsion."

Johnson said he would pursue criminal charges against the boy.

"There's a need to press charges," he said. "These things need to be discouraged."

Substitute teaching can be tough, said Johnson, who trained as a teacher and a city planner, and has been a district substitute for 14 years.

Over the years, Johnson said, "I've been abused and bullied," but Thursday was the first time he had been assaulted.

Bartram, in Southwest Philadelphia, found itself in the spotlight during the last school year for violence and chaos. In March, a conflict-resolution specialist was knocked unconscious by a student.


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