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Lil Boosie, an African-American rapper recently released from prison for a drug conviction, said "African-American is the worst race."

During an interview with NiteCap, Lil Boosie said white people shouldn't be blamed for problems experienced by African-Americans.

"I just feel like African-American is the worst race in the world because first of all we kill each other," he said.

"People always talking all this racist stuff but the white man ain't waiting in your bushes with a chopper [gun], the white man ain't trying to take rims off your car ... we doing this to each other. So how can you say 'F the white man?' He ain't doing nothing but -- when you get in trouble -- doing his job. He ain't doing nothing wrong."


See Full Story @ ...Lil Boosie Says African Americans Is The Worst Race In The World, SMDH

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