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Bengalls Devon Gives His Daughter A Heart Felt Pre Cancer Surgery Prep Talk
It's game time for Devon Still's daughter in her fight against pediatric cancer, so the Cincinnatti Bengals defensive end delivered an emotional pep talk on the way to her surgery Thursday morning. Still posted a video of his pre-surgery speech to daughter Leah on Instagram, where he asks the four-year old, "are you ready for today?" "I'm gonna ask you again, I'm ready for today, are you ready for today? You ready to get this cancer up out you? Lets do it,” Still says from behind the wheel of his car while Leah happily nods her head in approval in the back seat. Leah then got another confidence booster from "Today Show" host Hoda Kotb, who called to wish her well and tell her she'd be appearing in a video along with other children battling pediatric cancer on Friday's show. While he's putting on a brave face on for his daughter, Still admits to being "nervous and scared beyond words" in the accompanying Instagram message. "But I'll never let her see it...let's get this done!" And get it done they did, as Leah successfully underwent nearly six hours of surgery.

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