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Lloyd Lake: You gotta look at the Whitey Bulger case; these people that were long-time government informants. You don’t get paperwork when you work in that capacity for the FBI. They offered me that job before, and I said, “no thanks.” So I know that’s real that you don’t get paperwork. You just gather information for the FBI like Whitey Bulger was doing.

How I’ve come to the conclusion is it’s been a long list, not just attorneys calling me telling me, “Hey, you better watch yourself. I think that guy’s an informant.” That’s just one thing. Let me give you an example, during theReggie Bush dispute, there’s an article by SportsByBrooks where they say how Suge was mentioning the Reggie Bush situation. It got everybody so afraid that his name came up in the situation, they ran to the FBI.

The FBI opened an extortion case on me. My mom went to the grand jury. An ex-girlfriend of mine went to the grand jury, and my sister spoke with the FBI. Not one time did they ever mention Suge Knight’s name. Not one time. If he’s part of an investigation they have to mention his name. They’re thorough, the FBI. So you tell me how they didn’t mention his name? Not one time? It’s not possible. The reason they didn’t mention his name is because they don’t want their informant coming out in court. So they didn’t mention his name.

Then every time I would go somewhere when the Reggie Bush situation was going on, Suge would always try and influence me. “Hey I got an address on his mom. You need to do something to his mom.” Things like that that don’t make sense. You don’t have a horse in the race to be trying to get me in the middle of a murder conspiracy.

Another example, one night [Suge] called me and said, “I need you to go push on Drake for me.” I already had in my mind this guy could be an informant, but the only reason I went down there was to check to see if I could figure out if he really was an informant and to see if I saw any FBI or anybody in the vicinity or in the club. Sure enough I did. They followed me everywhere I moved through there.



See Full Story @ ...Suge Knight Old Friends Say They Believe He Is Working For The FEDS And May Have Played A Part In Biggie And 2pac Murders

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