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Allow me to take this to list form real quick.

1. From the gate it’s clear that this is the Ebro show, which is especially cool for me, a native of Sacramento California. A long long time ago, Ebro was just a lowly co-host of a local Sacramento Hip-Hop station, and now he’s one of the most powerful people in urban radio.

2. Also from the gate it’is clear that there is as much “reality” in this show as there is in just about every other VH1 “reality” show, and that is none. The opening segment has everybody feigning being surprised about the cameras, because clearly this show being recorded was a great big surprise nobody at Hot 97 knew about.

3. Suddenly we get Angie Ma and Funk Flex arguing about who has more twitter followers, VH1 wants me to tune into this every week? Speaking of Angie Ma, am I the only one who has had a thing for her since “Ladies Night?” No? Okay cool. Because I would sit through several seasons of this show to smang Ang.

4. Finally, 10 minutes in, the first “celebrity” arrives. Said celebrity? *Drumroll*



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