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Family Eat LSD Laces Steak From Walmart

Four family members were hospitalized this week after eating LSD-laced meat purchased from Walmart, according to Florida police.

After consuming bottom round steak at dinner Monday evening, Ronnie Morales, 24, became seriously ill and was driven to a Tampa hospital by his girlfriend Jessica Rosado, who was nine months pregnant.

When the couple arrived at the hospital, Rosado, 31, “also became ill and was rushed across the street to St. Joseph's Women's Hospital where they induced labor,” according to a police statement. Shortly thereafter, Rosado’s two young daughters “started experiencing hallucinations and felt ill,” cops added.

Morales and the girls “received tracheal intubation and were hospitalized” until their release Wednesday, while “The mother and her healthy baby boy were released Thursday, March 6th,” police reported.

The family members suffered hallucinations, dizziness, rapid heart rates, and difficulty breathing, according to Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, who said thatthere was “no indication” of any involvement on the part of Morales or Rosado in the meat tampering. Castor added that there was, “No criminal history with this family.”

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