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Damning school surveillance video appears to show an elementary school principal dragging kindergarteners down school hallways on two separate occasions.

The principal is Carmen Perez-Dickson. At the time, she was the chief administrator at Tisdale School in Bridgeport, Conn.

Principal Dickson was suspended for six months. She is still employed. When her suspension ends next month, she will return to work in the Bridgeport Public Schools as an administrator.

Both the kindergartener-dragging incidents occurred in the spring of 2012. The details which led Dickson to drag two separate kids down the hallways have not been disclosed. The mothers of the dragged children made the videos public.

Sandra Kase, chief administrative officer for the school district, told NBC Connecticut that her recommendation was that the school board fire Dickson. However, the local school board did not agree. 

On a divided vote, the board voted for the slap-on-the-wrist suspension. Board member Leticia Colon voted to have her fired. "Children go to school to learn and to be respected and we are an example. And if we start to bully, then we can't expect much from these children. They will learn to bully others," Colon said.

See Full Story @ ...School Principal Caught Dragging Kindergarten Student Down The Hall By His Leg

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