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Friday marked the continuation of the bond hearing for gunman Curtis Reeves, who claims he shot down father of two Chad Oulson in a Florida movie theater on Jan. 13 in self-defense.

According to Tampa’s Fox 13 News, videotapes of police interviews and surveillance footage of the shooting itself were shown in court Friday as the retired Tampa police captain’s attorneys attempted to paint their client as a man who was so in fear for his life that he was justified in gunning down the unarmed man.

Reeves told detectives in the interview videos that he believes Oulson threw two objects at him, a bag of popcorn and a cell phone. Reeves had angrily approached Oulson and his family asking the other man to stop texting during the previews for the film “Lone Survivor.”


Oulson — who was reportedly texting his toddler daughter’s preschool to tell them he was turning off his phone — supposedly threatened Reeves, who said told police that he thought Oulson was going “kick his a**.”

Reeves’ wife, however, told police that she never heard Oulson say anything threatening to her husband. According to witnesses, all Oulson told Reeves was, “If it was any of your f***ing business, I was texting my daughter. Stay the hell out of my face.”

Reeves returned to his seat for his gun, shot Oulson, then reportedly just sat in his seat as people scrambled to try and save the younger man’s life.

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