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New High Tech Shot To Close Up Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds

An Oregon-based start-up might have revolutionized the way we heal gunshot wounds.

Startup RevMedx, which develops products for military medics and members of the emergency services, has created a device that can seal a gunshot wound in 15 seconds, Popular Science reports. The device is called XStat, and its creators are hoping the FDA will approve it for use by medical professionals.

XStat consists of an applicator filled with dozens of tiny sponges that soak up a ton of blood when injected into an open wound.

And those pesky little sponges won’t get lodged and lost in your body forever. They’re marked with something called a “radiopaque marker,” which means they’ll show up on an X-ray when the victim reaches the hospital.

See Full Story @ ...New High Tech Shot To Close Up Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds

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